AGW keep lead times on electronic supplies

Here at AGW we have the capacity and capability to provide you with your electrical components within the usual expedient lead times. So if you are experiencing any issues with your supply chain, please talk to us and we will see if we can help you whilst these problems continue.

The recent health problems experienced by China are already having an effect here in the UK. Supplies are taking longer to get through, in some cases, businesses are having to find alternative suppliers, some overseas and are experiencing huge increase in prices.

 This is what we are hearing from China:

 “There is confirmation that most businesses are going to be back at work from the 10th February, however, they will need to assure the relevant government officials that they have the controls and checks in place to be able to continue to work as normal.

There of course is the issue that some workers may be unable to return to work and supplies will still be slower than normal. They are also hoping to improve the situation by providing supplies from the Philippines."

 Our thoughts are with them at this difficult time and we will ensure that if we are effected, our customers will see as little difference as possible to their supplies.

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