Albacom Ltd is a highly diverse company, organised into 5 divisions; Electronic Design & Manufacture, Lifting Services, Microwave Design & Manufacture, Machining & Surface Technologies and Electric Motors.

Through strong engineering, continual innovation and developing customer relationships, over 25 years of trading they have built an enviable reputation as a quality supplier of specialist products, sold globally into demanding environments / applications, servicing defence, commercial and industrial market sectors.

AGW have been able to help them with their approach and ethos by partnering with them to provide the most effective solutions in challenging environments.

AGW have known Albacom Ltd for over 20 years and have worked together to provide mainly high voltage products, specifically within the military sector.

There are very strict guidelines when it comes to providing products in this sector, including much tighter specifications for coil winding which needs to be so precise and consistent to ensure high levels of performance.

Design Capability

AGW have a team of very experienced design engineers, who are regularly used in order to develop new products and to optimise others. AGW have always been able to ensure whatever they work on, they can turn them around within tight deadlines, helping Albacom to retain their high profile clients within this demanding military sector.

There are even times when AGW have developed their own winding methods; it is this proactive approach that keeps the partnership between client and supplier fresh even after 20 years.

Unusually Albacom have a direct line of communication with the design engineers at AGW and this direct approach allows any challenges to be resolved quickly and efficiently.

AGW are able to accommodate any request we throw at them, they never say no and always find a way to resolve an issue or come up with alternative solutions. Their ‘have a go’ philosophy is fantastic and we need to look no further for the supply of our electronic windings.

Robert BrownEngineering Manager

Sectors Served

Defence / Traction / Renewable Energy / Audio / Medical / Power Management/ Aviation / Automotive / Telecommunications