Product Applications

Our products are applied in a multitude of different sectors.

Power Management

We manufacture many types of products that multi-national companies use in their power management systems. These systems have functions such as converting generated power, controlling outputs and providing supply voltage protection to Ferrite Transformers and Inductors & Chokes.

High Voltage Coils

There has been an increase in the use of high voltage applications and the transformers and coils used must now have excellent insulation protection to prevent breakdown failure.

We manufacture this style of coil and transformer, utilising the modern materials that have become available. These materials include triple insulated wire, excellent encapsulation products and insulation components.

AGW has gained experience in using these materials and is able to supply safe and functioning components, which have greatly extended life times. We can check these qualities with its extensive voltage insulation testing equipment, which includes Partial Discharge Testing.

Sensing Coils

Coils are manufactured to be used in many sensing applications. These applications include sensing movement, object presence and magnetic switching.

We also manufacture current sensing coils known as “Rogowski Coils”. These coils measure the total electrical current in power lines. They are capable of recording any minor changes in the value of the current. To see more information, please view our specialised windings

Loudspeaker Cross-over Coils

We design and manufacture quality cross-over coils in order to satisfy customers’ technical, commercial and audio demands. It is our intention to provide high quality, top performing inductors for the upper end of the speaker market. The coils use different magnetic materials including air, iron and ferrite in order to meet the requirement in the most effective manner.

AGW uses its extensive experience of winding to ensure the coils are constructed correctly. This means good layering, controlled tension and solid connections.

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