Machines & Equipment

Our specialist winding machines allow us to be incredibly versatile and efficient.

Automated winding machines

We have a variety of multi-spindle CNC winding machines, which are suitable for the manufacture of several different styles of coils. The machines allow excellent control of the winding processes, including termination, as well as being efficient.

Specialised winding machines

We have developed a number of specialist winding machines to manufacture unusual coils that require fine wire, multi stranded wire or use heavy copper strip as the main conductor. The ability to develop and adapt machines adds to the Company’s versatility.

Toroidal coil winding machines

There is a dedicated area for the manufacture of toroidal coils. The methods of manufacture vary from CNC controlled automated machines to hand winding, via an assisted hand winding method, known as “pull winding”. Pull winding is illustrated by the video link.

Soldering Equipment

We have automated CNC controlled soldering stations that can solder multiple components in the same process and will automatically take the component through the soldering stages without intervention. There are also numerous solder pots in a dedicated room that has a specific extraction facility. All soldering processes in the factory have extraction.

Test Equipment

Automatic test equipment is used to confirm product conformance. In addition to being able to test for all the recognised industry standards parameters, we can carry out partial discharge and impulse testing.

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