The wind turbine manufacturer Britwind needed a bespoke coil for their new product, the Turbine 15k. They turned to experts in the field AGW, as they could provide years of technical experience and knowledge for this challenging process.

The turbine’s design is very compact and an unusual shape and the required coil had also to be the same. Therefore, the coil had to be wound with great control, ensuring that the wire strands of the coil laid in exactly the right place and followed a precise path.

Solving Britwind's Design Objectives

Initially, Britwind approached AGW with a prototype coil that had been made in parts where the separate wire strands had to be soldered together. This had been challenging and the coil was subject to vulnerability and quality problems, as well as taking up some needed space in the design.

AGW were able to develop a bespoke coil which had a continuous run of the wire strands (so no solder joints) despite the coil winding having to change direction.

“We knew the winding component was very technically challenging but AGW displayed their knowledge throughout the process and their winding technique achieved a very consistent control of the coil.”
Mike Wastling, Technical Director of Britwind.

Developing Machinery for a Unique Product

When Britwind approached AGW, AGW knew that they would be able to provide a solution to their challenge, however they did not have a machine at that time that was capable of making the specified coil. As specialists in the design and manufacture of bespoke electronics components AGW manufactured a specific machine to allow them to fulfill their new client's requirements.

“Due to the uniqueness of our winding component, AGW developed a machine to manufacture the winding to our requirements – we were very impressed by their resourcefulness.”

Great Communication and Technical Expertise

In order to ensure AGW were producing exactly what Britwind required they coordinated a series of development meetings between the two companies. After the development stage, samples of the newly designed coil were created, submitted and approved.

"We had great communication with AGW all the way through the project. As the component underwent each new development stage, we knew that we could trust AGW to project manage and also they were always on the other end of the phone if we needed them."

AGW look forward to working more closely with Britwind in the future, on projects such as the planned Stator windings project.

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