IPECO is a world leader in aircraft crew seating with a developing share of the galley insert market. Looking to grow their share of the galley insert sector further they have sanctioned the development of all their current galley range to enhance performance and reliability.

With this in mind Ipeco saw an opportunity to improve a high voltage transformer within one of their products for this market. There were underlying concerns over partial discharge when operating at high altitudes that could result in corona discharge and ultimately the failure of the component. With just a hypothesis, Ipeco needed external expertise to help verify and validate their assumption, before working towards a solution that would improve and ultimately remove this concern.

Ipeco searched for a partner to help with this exercise and AGW were one of the few companies located within the UK that offered the expertise and equipment. After speaking with AGW, Ipeco were confident that they would be able to provide the service they needed.

AGW investigated the transformer and confirmed that Ipeco did have a problem with partial discharge within the operating parameters, due to the unit size which did not allow enough separation or suitable insulation between the windings. As part of the process to resolve the issue, AGW worked with Ipeco to provide an improved solution to fit the same space envelope. The result was a transformer with a verified 10 fold improvement in life expectancy. Ipeco continue to work with AGW to develop a revised version that will significantly improve the performance further and go beyond the current requirements.

AGW have been very proactive; making innovative and practical suggestions to resolve our challenges. Their willingness to go above and beyond has been tremendous and we are certainly glad we found them.

Ben WadsworthPrincipal Engineer

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