AGW were approached by Loma Systems - They needed an electronics partner who specialised in supplying Transformer Windings.

The Ferrite Transformer Windings were for use inside metal detectors used in the food and pharmaceutical industries; to scan for and detect metallic contamination.

Initially, improving quality and reliability was the most important factor about working with an electronics manufacturer, “AGW’s quality was undeniable as the nature of the product meant that codes of practice had to be persisted with and a quality product created which fitted the inspection standards,” says Hitesh Hirani of Loma Systems.

Hirani says reducing problems in manufacturing was of utmost importance, “AGW are really pro-active, they are always calling us with solutions, which means that we don’t have to manage them and the whole process of working with them is very smooth.”

Loma Systems now use AGW full time, providing various products for inspection equipment, “Reliability with lead times, quality and low failure rate with the electronics product means that we gradually phased out our previous supplier over a couple of years and now only use AGW."

To visit their website: www.loma.com

Loma Systems is the global leader in the design and manufacture of metal detection, check-weighing and x-ray inspection systems for the food, pharmaceutical and packaging industries. Their products are uniquely engineered to facilitate compliance with international product safety standards, weight legislation and retailers' codes of practice, whilst identifying product defects and eliminating contaminants for consistent quality.

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