LPA Excil Electronics

The LPA group are leading global manufacturers of electromechanical systems, specialising in the design and assembly of LED based lighting and electronic systems.

LPA provide cost effective  solutions to a variety of sectors including rail, aerospace and defence, aircraft support, infrastructure, marine and industrial markets throughout the world, improving reliability and reducing maintenance and life cycle costs.

LPA Excil electronic needed a manufacturer with strong technical understanding that could develop bespoke windings at a competitive price with short lead times.

Quality Service

Previously LPA had run into difficulties with suppliers lead times, this led to them contacting AGW to manufacture bespoke windings. LPA highlighted our service as a defining factor in choosing us as a supplier, highlighting our strong technical understanding and reactivity to enquires, ensuring short lead times.

Quality Product

The quality of product was essential to LPA, we ensured that all our products were to spec, offering prototypes and engineering support throughout the development stage, delivering quality bespoke windings.

Competitive Price

Price was another factor that was important to LPA, other suppliers were too expensive for the volume LPA required. This is where LPA benefited from our off-shore prices, with the manufacturing cost reduced, we were able to offer LPA a competitive price for their high volume orders, without them losing a quality UK service.

I would highly recommend both AGW's service and products. They took the time to understand us as a customer and worked to build a good customer relationship, demonstrating strong technical understanding and realistic lead times.

Damien CunninghamCommercial Director

Sectors Served

Defence / Traction / Renewable Energy / Audio / Medical / Power Management/ Aviation / Automotive / Telecommunications