Rhodes Music Group

Rhodes Music Group develop high quality musical instruments. Optimising the iconic sound of Harold Rhodes’ legendary electro-mechanical piano, Rhodes have redesigned the instrument from the ground up, using only the highest quality components, materials and the highest standards of contemporary manufacturing techniques to create The Rhodes MK8.  

Reliable & Trustworthy Supplier

Rhodes were looking for a reliable and trustworthy company to handle bespoke pickup manufacture for their MK8 piano and found AGW through word of mouth from a mutual connection in the MI manufacturer industry. They were immediately impressed by AGW and continue to be impressed with their standards and quality.

From the outset, the relationship between Rhodes and AGW has been open and collaborative. Nigel and the team at AGW were instrumental in overcoming the initial challenges of the project – from sourcing all the correct materials for Rhodes’ pickup magnets and pickup pole heads to getting the correct sonic response for the piano. A considerable amount of time and research was invested to find the optimum number of coil windings, wire gauge and carefully selecting all of the required materials that would not only give the best sonic response, but would also work seamlessly both mechanically and sonically as a spare part for older Rhodes models. 

Smooth Process

The time taken to source and resolve the challenges now means that the pickups and the wiring of the pickup rails that AGW produce for Rhodes is a smooth process, resulting in on time and top quality delivery.

“AGW are a great company to work with in terms of the high quality of the parts they produce, their great customer care, their wide range of knowledge in the field and beyond, their focused attention to detail and finally, their on-point communication and accurate delivery projections which allow our production line to run smoothly at all times.”

Dan GoldmanChief Product Officer

Sectors Served

Defence / Traction / Renewable Energy / Audio / Medical / Power Management/ Aviation / Automotive / Telecommunications