Russell K

Established in 2013, Russell K are a loudspeaker manufacturer with a mission to do one thing, manufacture loudspeakers that fool you into thinking the musicians are actually in the room, a realistic sound at affordable prices.

The team have over 50 years combined experience in the Hi-Fi industry, their flagship loudspeaker "Red 100" has been described by Hi-Fi critic as "more than a little bit special", and was given their best buy stamp of approval. Russel K needed a manufacturer that could produce a value coil which wasn't too cumbersome for their award winning speaker.


When Russell Kauffman first approached AGW to manufacture coils for the loudspeakers, he was amazed by the passion and level of knowledge Tony and the team had. After discussing the requirements, AGW recommended an enclosed field iron core inductor as it would result in improved performance in a much more compact size compared to the standard air-core coil.

Exceptional Customer Service

There are a number of ways that you can measure a coil's value. Both AGW and Russell K measured them differently due to differences in infrastructure and tools. In order for both companies to have the ability to confirm the measurements were correct, AGW amended their way of measuring to that implemented by Russell K. Furthermore, AGW also produced a prototype for Russell K to test and verify the performance and fitting of the product before production began.

Bespoke Products

Bespoke products were a key factor in Russell K's decision to work with AGW and their decision to continue to work with AGW whenever they can. They were extremely impressed by the products AGW supplied to them, stating that the coil AGW manufactured contributed to a massive improvement in the audible sonic performance of the speaker compared to standard coil performance.

AGW are the go to company, whether your company is big or small. They imagine solutions that no one else thinks about, which not only resolve the problem in the first place, but make your product better. You will not find a company that know more or are as passionate about electrical assemblies as AGW are, they are a special company and we endeavour to utilise AGW's services whenever we possibly can. Tony is also capable of telling a few good jokes as well.

Russell KauffmanManaging Director

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