Windward Engineering

Having studied the established wind turbine producers, Windward Engineering found that there was a niche for a smaller, neater and more efficient wind turbine.

They set about developing a non-cogging generator, which would allow a wind turbine to spin more easily, that is, to start producing power at less wind speed, even as low as 2-3 mph.

There are now three models of the first generation of Giga turbines. All the units are made to the same high standard with matching components and are designed to meet specific criteria for different markets:

A Marine model - 12v-24v
for use on small ocean going vessels.

Caravan and Motorhome - 12v
This model has also been sold for uses in garden lighting, sheds, fish farm monitoring, pontoon lighting, glamping pods and other application where lighting and mobile phone/tablet charging is required.

Back-packing - 5v - A ‘LITE’ version.
This has fewer coils, no need for external electronics with one USB connection. It can be hung from a pole or tree etc. and can be charged using a small battery pack directly from the Giga.

This also supplies a charging point for mobile phones, tablets, cameras or any device an outdoors person may have.

AGW Electronics make the coils for our products and have helped us with design and development using their manufacturing experience to speed up the process whilst keeping the costs down. AGW also instigated a stackable and reusable packaging method for transporting the coils which fits with our ethos of running an environmentally friendly business. Once the products are delivered the empty boxes can be returned and re-used, saving both time and the environment. A really intuitive idea for which we are grateful to AGW for their input of this element. With disposable packaging become a bigger a bigger problem worldwide it is nice to feel we are trying to alleviate it as much as we can.

Richard MillsDirector

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