Toroidal Inductors

When the word Toroidal is mentioned in electronic/electrical terms, the usual first thought is of a circular flat transformer, that is seen as part of the power supply in electrical equipment. These transformers are usually connected to the mains power supply and operate at the mains frequency of 50hz.

Specialise in Toroidal Inductors

While AGW can supply this style of toroidal transformer, the Company specialises in the manufacture of toroidal inductors, or chokes. These operate at much higher frequencies and use iron powder, ferrite and Nano-crystalline as their core material, rather than the iron cores used in standard toroidal transformers.

Inductors, along with resistors and capacitors, are one of the three passive linear circuit elements used in electronic circuits. They can act as chokes, blocking AC, but allowing DC to pass. They can filter unwanted frequencies within the circuit and can be part of a tuned circuit.

AGW have the resources to manufacture a wide variety of toroidal inductors. The physical size of toroidal inductors is usually smaller than that of toroidal transformers. AGW can manufacture toroidal inductors, using cores that are less than 10mm diameter, up to cores that are over 200mm diameter.

Automatic Toroidal Winding Machines

AGW has automatic toroidal winding machines. Toroidal inductors can be automatically wound if the wire size and number of turns can be accommodated by the machine and the area of the hole in the centre of the core.

Watch our video of our Automatic Toroidal Winding machines here.

Pull Winding

If the required match for automatic winding is not available, AGW have other winding techniques to accommodate the design variations required to meet the desired specification of the coil. The most common is called pull winding, when a pneumatic-powered hook pulls the wire through the centre of the toroidal core. There is a lot of flexibility available in this winding technique.

See an example of pull winding in action

Some inductors need a large diameter wire, in order to cope with the high current and energy storage requirement. AGW have developed a hydraulic powered pull winding system to provide the force to cope with this situation.

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