A personal Covid-19 experience by Kamlesh

After contracting Covid-19 at home over the Christmas period, I wanted to provide people with a personal account of my experience with the virus.

On the 5th January 2021, I tested positive for Covid-19 with my son testing positive the day previous, and my wife testing positive a few days later. Despite following the government guidelines, keeping 2 metres from other people, wearing a face mask and washing my hands regularly, it still managed to catch me out and when it arrives in your own home, it’s difficult.

So, what were my symptoms? I suffered with a constant headache, which seemed to get worse as the week progressed. Alongside the loss of smell & taste, the coughing then started and loss of appetite was rife causing me to lose a stone in weight. I did however force myself to eat fruit & cereal, and to stay hydrated with plenty of water.

From Sunday the 10th, I developed a high temperature, however, overnight my fever broke, meaning I started to feel better from Monday onwards. When I say better, I was able to fight the tiredness, I still could not smell and despite not feeling hungry, I did force myself to eat little and often to keep my body going. I did continue to have the cough and shortness of breath, however I was advised by 111 that this was completely normal.

Throughout the 10-day isolation period, I was contacted by NHS Test & Trace 3 times, to see how I was coping; this telephone support was invaluable. I also received a text, requesting that I gave plasma to aide in the recovery of other patients to which I wholeheartedly agreed.

My advice to anyone who has the misfortuneto contract Covid would be to not panic, take each day as it comes and give your body the time to recover. After my isolation ended, I continued to suffer with the cough (completely normal), I did however speak to the chemist, who recommended a cough medicine, which helped to reduce the coughing. Finally, talk to the NHS Test & Trace team when they call, ask them any questions you have and they will be more than happy to advise you.

I’m now fully recovered & I’d like to say a huge thanks to AGW Electronics whose support throughout was invaluable. To confirm, thanks to the strict Covid-19 protective measures we have in place, my illness was in no way connected to my employer, I was not in the office during the incubation or isolation periods with my last day prior to Christmas being the 14th December. 

Kamlesh Vadhia

Business Development Manager

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