Bespoke Packaging Delivering A New Dimension In Our Manufacturing Approach

As experts in the manufacture and design of quality wound components, we work with our clients to support them to achieve their objectives. Even better, then, when we share those objectives - in this instance, a more sustainable future and moving towards Net Zero. 

Having successfully worked with a muscial instrument manufacturer over many years, our joint commitment to sustainability was evident and as part of AGW's drive to work in collaboration with our clients and partners to deliver innovative solutions, we embarked on a new project to find a suitable packaging solution for their product.  

Ensuring our manufacturing has minimal effects on the environment, we've started manufacturing innovative packaging which not only protects the equipment we send, it is also re-usable, meaning a reduction in our carbon footprint. As the world moves closer to Net Zero and sustainability finally moves higher up the agenda for many businesses, we knew we needed to be part of the solution, not the problem. We're delighted to have been able to innovate and create this packaging solution for our client.  

"We've trusted AGW for a long time, to deliver on our electronic manufacturing requirements. When discussing our sustainability comittments and packaging challenges, AGW rose to the challenge developing an innovative packaging solution that not only ensures products are transported safely, but is also friendly on the planet."

Sectors Served

Defence / Traction / Renewable Energy / Audio / Medical / Power Management/ Aviation / Automotive / Telecommunications