Cutting Edge Projects Underway for 2021

AGW are busy furthering their involvement with the development of cutting edge and innovative design projects. Whilst they have been in lockdown, with a less hectic production schedule, they have been busy researching and developing to ensure they can stay at the forefront of electronics.

Ideas are coming from the kind of academic ideas that are being transformed into working applications. For example - micro coils that can be used for medical applications inside the human body, coils used during controlling the gathering and release of substances used for energy storage use and coils for innovative EV drive methods.

"A lot of our innovations are restricted by non disclosure agreements, so we are unable to share too much information – however, we are excited for 2021 when hopefully the new normal starts to gather pace and we can get these projects to market."

Nigel Godwin - Joint Managing Director

Sectors Served

Defence / Traction / Renewable Energy / Audio / Medical / Power Management/ Aviation / Automotive / Telecommunications