DSEI offered LEADING EDGE meetings in the defence Industry

As a first time exhibitor to the DSEI exhibition we were not sure what to expect. The show was incredibly busy and we are pleased to say interesting too.

The quantity and quality of visitors to our stand was excellent and we met senior commercial and design personnel from major companies within the defence electronics industry.

Unusually, in our experience, the exhibition organisers encouraged interaction between the exhibitors. A formal system was in place to arrange meetings between exhibitors and networking between exhibitor stands was actively encouraged. We participated in a number of these formal meetings and of course informally visited other stands of potential customers.

There was a very high level of technology and engineering displayed in the exhibition, many of the exhibiting companies were leading edge in this industry and it was fascinating to meet and talk with these companies and individuals.

As the show was rather busy we had six AGW staff members manning the stand over the four days. This meant that we now have an understanding of the industry that permeates throughout our organisation and we look forward to making progress over the next year with an increased level of enquiries and orders at AGW.

“We are optimistic that some future relationships within the Defence sector can be built, mostly with companies that AGW would not have been able to access by other means. We are grateful to the DSEI for this opportunity and glad that we have managed to achieve a return for our investment”

Nigel Godwin – Joint MD

Sectors Served

Defence / Traction / Renewable Energy / Audio / Medical / Power Management/ Aviation / Automotive / Telecommunications