Effective Team working offers Capacity for More Orders

As the government begins to start easing the lockdown – we are getting more of our team back into work. We are delighted that our team are willing and able to come back and ensure continuity of care to our valued customers.

Week by week we are getting more up to speed and can say that we have complete confidence in our ability to satisfy orders and indeed are welcoming new enquiries. Our lead times, whilst still not back to the ‘norm’ are indeed very close, we can assure everyone that we have continuity of supply and are working effectively as a team to get all our orders out the doors as quickly as we can.

New Controls for effective working
AGW have instigated a whole series of changes to the workplace to ensure that the team are safe and adhere to the new stricter rules. These include: directions around our factory, timings of movements, extra hand sanitisation facilities and all hand contact points are cleaned throughout the day in line with the government guidelines.

Risk Assessment
Having just finished our Covid risk assessment we have a document that details all the risks and controls and how to minimise any infection and cross contamination. However, this is a dynamic situation and we are constantly looking at ways in which we can improve our 'new norm' here at AGW. We continue to make improvements as more of the team return to work and we get back up to full speed.

“We are optimistic at AGW that even though we are implementing the new health and safety rules, we are going to be back up to full speed very soon. I would personally like to thank our valued team members for their ability to adapt and their motivation to continue working which keeps AGW at the top of electronic production in this country.”

Nigel Godwin

Sectors Served

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