ETAL Group acquires all shares in AGW Electronics Ltd

We are delighted to inform you that we, AGW Electronics, have recently undergone an exciting transition. The company has been acquired by the ETAL Group, an influential and forward-thinking conglomerate and subsidiary of the Kamic Group. This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone for both AGW Electronics and the ETAL Group, as we join forces to leverage our respective strengths and create a new era of innovation in the electronics sector.

The Kamic Group's extensive expertise in diversified sectors, coupled with AGW Electronics' longstanding reputation for quality and reliability, promises a synergy that will offer unparalleled value to customers. The union between our two entities opens up exciting possibilities for groundbreaking product development, improved customer experiences, and a strengthened market presence. Customers and partners will experience uninterrupted service with the expert team at AGW remaining the same. With a shared commitment to excellence, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, this new chapter promises to deliver exceptional products and services that meet the evolving needs of an ever-changing industry.

AGW Electronics' acquisition by the ETAL Group and consequently, the wider Kamic Group signifies an exciting new beginning, bringing together two powerhouses that will shape the future of the electronics landscape. By combining our expertise, resources, and vision, we are well-equipped to drive transformative change and make a lasting impact in the world of electronics.

Nigel, Managing Director and former Owner of AGW Electronics said:

"This is the start of a very exciting next step in the AGW journey. When we were approached about the takeover, we were committed to ensuring that our customers and team continued to enjoy the service, expertise and quality that we've prided ourselves on over the years.

I'm delighted to be staying in role as Managing Director, with our wider team also staying the same, meaning our customers, team and suppliers should notice no difference in the service we're providing."

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Sectors Served

Defence / Traction / Renewable Energy / Audio / Medical / Power Management/ Aviation / Automotive / Telecommunications