From wire to speakers

From winding coils, to electronic assembly and now high-end loudspeaker production; AGW enter a new era.

AGW are taking their manufacturing expertise into a brand new area in a unique partnership with hi-fi speaker company Russell K.  Having co-designed and supplied coils for all Russell K speakers since 2008 the long business relationship has now moved to a new level. 

Russell K was looking for a manufacturing partner in the UK in order to move production from Europe.  After two years of searching and testing out conventional manufacturers Russell K and AGW had a brainwave.  A future combining the best of both companies – freeing Russell K to concentrate on design and expanding AGW manufacturing into a new sector.

Customers of AGW will benefit from a company that continues to develop through innovation, flexibility and diversification. 

Russell K customers will gain from enhanced production capability, supply reliability and consistent high quality.

AGW are moving forward with this new-style business partnership providing a turn-key solution to Russell K, enabling them to focus on design and brand development.

Russell Kauffman, Managing Director of Russell K Loudspeakers, said “We’re so excited to take the next step with AGW, they’ve been a ‘gold star supplier’ since the beginning. This new venture is fundamental to the future of Russell K and it just highlights AGWs ability to look forward and provide a complete solution for our needs.”

Nigel Godwin, Managing Director at AGW Electronics, said “Russell K have been a fantastic customer over the years, encouraging us to really push the boundaries. We’re delighted to be taking this major step forward in our business partnership and can’t wait to see what the future has to offer!”

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