KAMIC Group acquires Gersprenztal Transformatoren,

Gersprenztal Transformatoren (GST) develops and manufactures different types of transformers, such as low and high voltage transformers, isolating transformers and autotransformers.

The company also offers different designs with chokes, and most of its products are developed specifically for customised
applications. The company is based in Brensbach in the state of Hessen, Germany, where it operates in a customised production facility.

The company was founded as König-Wörle-Beer in the 1980s but has operated under its current name since 2006 when Gilbert Rohr and Uwe Kowarsch acquired the company. Today, GST has around 50 employees and an annual turnover of approximately EUR 4 million.

With the acquisition, GST becomes part of KAMIC Group's Magnetics business area under the leadership of Dan Phelan, who comments:

"GST has a clear niche product offering and employees with deep specialist knowledge of magnetic components, and there are few competitors who can match the company in terms of quality and customisation. By adding GST to our existing operations in the business
area, we will therefore be stronger both geographically and in terms of expertise."

The former owners, Managing Director Gilbert Rohr and Operations Manager Uwe Kowarsch, jointly comment on the deal:

"We are very pleased to hand over the ownership of GST to KAMIC Group, a stable and long-term owner that values the power of entrepreneurship. As part of KAMIC Group's Magnetics business area, GST will have access to contacts, support and tools for business development which will benefit both our customers and employees."

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