New Machine Provides best ever Facility for Wave Winding at AGW

At the end of 2018 we obtained a new machine that is capable of carrying out the wave winding style of coil winding in a very accomplished manner, which improves the way in which we can offer this service to our customers.

The photographs here show an example of the first major project we have completed using this amazing new machine. You can clearly see the excellent varnish coating operation that has also been carried out and added to the product.

As this style of coil is mainly used on products within the Radio Frequency sector, it is important to provide a coil that gives a low inter-turn and inter-layer capacitance which produces a gap between turns, for the best result. The Varnish coating is a great addition to the look of the product which quite often goes into high quality luxury sound systems.

“Whilst we have always been able to do this style of coil winding, this new machine enables us to offer a much improved quality product to our customers.”

Paul Gillott
Production Director

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