Audio Transformers

We manufacture audio transformers, Crossover Chokes and Line Matching Transformers.

The crossover chokes are used alongside loudspeaker drive units to ensure that the correct frequency range goes to the desired cone in the speaker. This means that the cones are operating as their design intended: the sound quality is good, there is reduced distortion and the cones will not be damaged by exposure to incorrect frequencies.

We have manufactured different styles of crossover chokes. They can have differing magnetic materials. We have manufactured the traditional air cored coils, but also recognise the advantages of using iron for the low frequency crossover chokes and ferrite for the higher frequency chokes. There are major benefits in size reduction, containment of the magnetic field, efficiency and a gain in sound quality.

We also manufacture line matching transformers, which ensure all the loudspeakers in a multi-speaker environment have a consistent feed from the audio source and there is no drop off of the audio signal level. We use high quality iron cores to manufacture these line matching transformers.

Audio Transformer Manufacturer

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