Copper Strip Windings

Copper strip winding is one of our key areas of expertise in design and manufacture.

Copper strip winding is one of our key areas of expertise in design and manufacture. Advances in ferrite material technology have led to the design of higher frequency and higher current power supply ferrite transformers, inductors and chokes. This has led to copper strip winding solving the problem of placing enough copper into the winding window. The thickness of the copper strip windings also alleviates the skin effect problem, by using thin enough copper strip. This means that copper strip winding with wide flat copper strip has become more prevalent.

We have vast experience in the design and manufacture of copper strip windings and has successfully overcome the problems associated with insulation, copper fill and connections.

Copper Strip Winding Machines

AGW have a range of machines, that have been specifically developed by our team to fulfil the requirements of copper strip winding, giving maximum copper fill and allowing each bobbin size to use its full power range.

There are also finishing production operations including alignment, soldering, varnishing, encapsulation.

Copper Strip Winding Considerations

We have developed the methods of connecting the copper strip winding to the terminal pins of the bobbin or via flying leads, by using flexible, insulated and electrically correct materials.

The copper in copper strip winding must be insulated in a manner that prevents turn to turn short circuit, but also gives a manageable and efficient access to the copper for any connectors.

The copper strip used in copper strip winding must have the mechanical characteristics that ensure there is no winding to winding damage and that there is enough flexibility to allow it to be positioned tightly on the required bobbin

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