Ferrite Transformers

Over 40 years' experience as a ferrite transformer manufacturer.

AGW has over 40 years' experience as a ferrite transformer manufacturer, in both design and production. Working alongside ferrite coil customers and ferrite core suppliers, we collaborate in the design of ferrite transformers and ferrite chokes for use in power conversion and high frequency products, such as switch mode power supply equipment. This includes transformers and inductors for Buck, Flyback and Boost applications.

Recent developments in ferrite core material have enabled ferrite transformer designers to produce more efficient ferrite coils. We have developed manufacturing techniques to exploit the full capacity of these materials.


Styles of ferrite transformers that AGW manufacture

  • line transformers
  • power transformers
  • pulse transformers
  • drive transformers


Ferrite transformers can be used in the following types of equipment

  • switch mode power supplies
  • inverters
  • motor drive controllers

Shapes and Sizes

Ferrite transformers can be manufactured from various shaped and sized ferrite cores that include a bobbin as part of the structure. The reference names for the core shape including E, ETD, EF, EFD, RM, PM, P (Pot), U, planar cores and toroid. Surface mount variants and other core types for specialised applications are also available. The finished ferrite transformer can have a variety of finishes or encapsulations.

Ferrite Choke Manufacturing

We have experience in winding a large variety of ferrite transformers and ferrite chokes, using different methods. AGW has used copper foil, litz wire and triple insulated wire as the conductor, as well as the conventional copper wire. Techniques employed include perfect layering, progressive winding, bank winding, margin winding, high voltage insulation requirement.

Ferrite Transformer Manufacturer

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