New Safety Measures allow AGW to get back up to Speed

As you can see from our previous news, our team are gradually getting back to work and along with our Risk assessment and its outcomes, we would like to share some of the additional actions that AGW have taken to ensure the safe working in our factory.

To protect staff and ensure that the social distancing is maintained, protective screens have been fitted within the factory. These ensure that staff have individual protected workplace areas and are isolated from colleagues.

We hope that we are wrong but feel that these controls will be required for quite a long period.  These new protection measures that safeguard our staff will allow AGW to continue to function in these new times, as well as helping prevent a possible second spike in the country.

We are nearing our previous manufacturing capability and continue to welcome any new enquiries and demand for orders.

Please continue to stay safe and alert. Please respect other people’s health and space.

See our Covid Certificate here >>

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